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Welcome to Bruce T. Leonard & Associates

A general law practice with a focus on family mission management, estate planning, and business formation and operation.

We assist you in choosing wisely and apply the law to confirm and defend your choices.  We think beyond the scope of the legal transaction to craft a solution consistent with a better tomorrow.

The best time to talk with a lawyer is before you need one.  Contact us now for an initial consultation and together we will craft a legal issue inventory.  We can address your needs as a consigliore, guidance counselor, advocate, sounding board, business manager and traditional attorney.

Putting a human touch to a cold faceless process through professional, personal and spiritual discipline.  Turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones; making the rough places smooth; laying the crooked places straight.

A practice built not only by lawyers but by seasoned business professionals.


We have expanded our footprint in 2010 and in addition to our historical Alpharetta presence we now have a location in Cumming.


Below is Bruce T. Leonard in 1998, then President and Chief Operating Officer of Atlanta based global wireless billing software provider LHS Group Inc.


Please get in touch to offer comments or schedule a consultation.

You can reach us at:

Attorney Bruce T. Leonard & Associates, LLC

Cumming Campus:              Alpharetta Campus:

5830 Bond Street               200 Milton Park Building

Suite 300                          11175 Cicero Avenue   Suite 100

Cumming, Georgia 30040      Alpharetta, Georgia 30022

Phone: (678) 215-5556

Fax:     (678) 679-2431